European Centre for Government Transformation: Closing Ceremony

Participating students of the European Centre for Government Transformation project 2017-2018

On 18 April 2018 the participating students of the European Centre for Government Transformation project, in association with the Lisbon Council and Accenture consulting, travelled to the Residence Palace for the final award ceremony of the 2018 ECGT project.

The European Centre for Government Transformation is an initiative in public-sector reform established to deal with increased pressure on public finances and increased demand for public services. The European Centre for Government Transformation provides innovative ideas, best practices and actionable solutions to EU institutions, as well as national, regional and local governments, on key areas of public-sector reform. It comprises a powerful community (including a network of senior-level public service officials), pioneering events, ground-breaking research and strong leadership aimed at facilitating the sharing of leading practices.

The event kicked off with introductory remarks given by Mr Paul HOFFHEINZ, President of the Lisbon Council, who welcomed all participants and guests to the ceremony.  Afterwards Mrs Paola PISANO, Deputy Mayor for Innovation and Smart City, City of Torino (Italy) and Mrs Bjørg Tysdal MOE, Deputy Mayor for Innovation and Sustainability, Stavanger Municipality (Norway) discussed their cutting-edge reform.

Afterwards, Mrs Gertrud INGESTAD, Director-General for Informatics at the European Commission, keynoted the special presentation of College of Europe case studies on state transformation. Each team presented its project and made recommendations to solve the case study they were in charge of during six months:  

  • Team Torino composed of: Théo APHECETCHE (FR), Lana TOMIC (HR), Anne-Mailihn VASSEUX (FR), Lise WILHELMSEN (DK)
    Project: "Blockchain in local public services";
  • Team Eindhoven composed of: Gaston BRICOUT (FR), Valentin COUTOULY (FR), Ann-Sophie VERMEERSCH (BE) and Delphine JOOS (BE)
     Project: "Users’ engagement strategy";
  • Team Stavanger composed of: Marta DOMINGUEZ JIMENEZ (ES), Ekaterina FROLOVA (RU), Chinazo MOGBANA (BE/NG), Carlos GIL SORIANO (ES)
    Project: "Government as a Platform in local public services".


Finally, the jury awarded Team Eindhoven the winning prize, and thanked all students for their hard work. 

For more information please contact Dimitra CHRYSOMALLIS.