European Economics Department students win McKinsey Pitch Challenge at Solvay Business Game

This year the College of Europe had an opportunity to participate in the Solvay Business Game in Brussels.

The College was represented by 3 teams from the European Economics Department: Kamilla & Oleksandr (1); Magda & Corina (2) and Filippo & Aydin (3). The students were lucky to take part in Europe’s biggest business competition and very glad to be College of Europe’s representatives.

Within an intense 2 days, they were assigned to provide business strategies and ideas for 4 challenges: 

  1. Pitch Challenge by McKinsey to Find the Best Solution for Transportation Mobility in Belgium, based on a real McKinsey situation;
  2. Marketing Challenge by Coca-Cola Company to Provide a Marketing Strategy to Deal with New Multichannel Environments in Operational Marketing;
  3. Negotiation Challenge by BDO to Determine Ideal Pricing for Fictionary Business Deal;
  4. Strategy Challenge by EDF Luminus to Develop a Long-Term Strategy to Maximize the Company’s Competitive Advantage in the Energy Market.

There was a competition among 400 students selected from 1,200 coming from different parts of the world, forming 200 teams and representing 66 different nationalities.
Like the College of Europe students, they all put a lot of effort into it and tried to do their utmost to come up with the best possible solutions during those 2 days. 

Proudly we announce that the team represented by Filippo MAZZA and Aydin KARIMOV won the McKinsey Pitch Challenge and some prizes by sponsors as well.  Also the other students' scores were very successful.