European Legal Studies Department's study trip to Brussels and Luxembourg

The College of Europe's Department of European Legal Studies took a break from its intense Bruges reality and visited prestigious European institutions in Brussels and Luxembourg on their annual study trip!

The seven Academic Assistants led the group of some 100 Marin lawyers through unforgettable experiences that included visiting:

  • The Council of the European Union in Brussels;
  • The European Commission's Legal Service in Brussels;
  • The DG Competition in Brussels;
  • The European Parliamentary Research Service in Brussels;
  • The Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg;
  • The European Stability Mechanism in Luxembourg; 
  • The EFTA Court in Luxembourg.

The friendly and welcoming networking event that took place in Luxembourg also gave the group an opportunity to network with accomplished College alumni that are now based in Luxembourg.

Students, speakers, and everyone involved in the organisation of the study trip only had good things to say about the fascinating and educational adventures of 11-13 February 2019.

The Department of European Legal Studies would like to thank its students and everyone who helped make this experience possible, for their cooperation and professionalism.

This marks another successful study trip for the Department of European Legal Studies and sets the bar high for the trips that shall follow in the upcoming years!