Excellent performance of College students at Model United Nations in London 

The Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies of the College of Europe successfully participated in the 19th edition of the London International Model United Nations (LIMUN). LIMUN is the largest university-level conference in Europe, gathering over 1,500 students from all horizons. The 12 College of Europe students represented the EU member states Germany and Poland, as well as two members of the British Government and the UN Department of Management. The issues on the agenda ranged from the review of the Paris Climate Agreement to the bidding process for the World Cup of Tennis, the definition of cyberspace and the classification of cyber-attacks. 

College students at Model United Nations in London

The delegates’ participation was excellent, with 3 Diplomacy Awards given to Meike KORFF (DISEC), Daniel KREUZHUBER (ITF) and Eoin O’LEARY (UNHCR) and 3 verbal commendations awarded to Claudia BELDA QUESADA (UNESCO), Romain LAUGIER (Brexit Negotiations Board) and Marc NIKOLOV (Brexit Negotiations Board). Together with the other members of the team (Astrid ANDERSSON, Anthony BENAVIDES, Ioana BERE, Melanie BONNICI BENNETT, Elisabeth ROUVIER and Maria Cristina URBANO), the delegation of the College of Europe made an outstanding impression and showed, once again, profound knowledge of the issues on the agenda.