Former Students of the Promotion Albert Einstein excel also in Football

The team "EFC Natolinsky" (Albert Einstein Promotion) claimed victory in the recently celebrated third edition of the annual "Hendrik Brugmans Memorial Cup".

The alumni football tournament, which honors the first rector of the College of Europe (1950-1972), saw 20 teams participating this year, several of them all female.

The champions’ team was formed by Pierre BOSSER, Davide CARRINO, Guzman GARCIA, Daniele de GENNARO, Pablo GONZALEZ, Thomas KELLERMAN, Michal OBIEGALA, Andrea DEL ROSSO, Sid SALA and Alexander WESTPHAL.

It is no surprise that this talented team took victory also in the recent all-trainees European Commission Football League in its last winter edition (October 2011-February 2012).

We hope they succeed in their upcoming challenges!