Important publication on the European Neighbourhood Policy edited by Prof. Tobias SCHUMACHER

Professor Tobias SCHUMACHER, Chairholder of the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair,  together with Dr. Andreas MARCHETTI (ZEI, Bonn University) and Prof. Dr. Thomas DEMMELHUBER (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) co-edited and co-authored The Routledge Handbook on the European Neighbourhood Policy (2018). The handbook gathers the most respected and insightful voices to address key issues related to conceptual, methodological, theoretical and empirical aspects in the EU's neighbourhood policy framework and  serves to encourage debates which will hopefully produce more conceptual as well as neighbourhood-specific perspectives leading to enriching future studies on the EU's policies towards its neighbourhood.


"This wide-ranging volume from an expert team is an outstanding contribution to the understanding of our European neighbourhood. It covers the range of countries and issues in depth with thoughtful insights into the many policy challenges for the European Union, not least for its foreign policy and role in conflict management."
Professor Helen WALLACE, University of Sussex, UK

"A most indispensable reading for all those who wish to know more about one of the central features of EU foreign policy. At a time when the EU neighbourhood in both its Eastern and Southern dimensions is on fire and facing unprecedented challenges, this handbook offers the necessary keys to better understand Europe's policy in this field for the last ten years. It also helps to grasp the essential ingredients that will shape its future as Europe is struggling to stabilise its highly volatile fringes."
H.E. Ambassador Pierre VIMONT, Carnegie Europe, and former Secretary General, European External Action Service