"Introduction to Data Science for Public Policy": Capacity Building Session at Natolin

On Friday 9 April 2021, the Careers and Professional Development Office organised a Capacity Building Session titled Introduction to Data Science for Public Policy”.

About the speaker:

The speaker invited to lead this session was Mr Oskar SZYDŁOWSKI, who serves as a Tech Lead at SoftServe and Project Lead at Tooploox, where he supervises software engineering projects in finance, energy, and e-commerce industries. Mr SZYDŁOWSKI also works as a Technology Policy Analyst at the Polish Institute of Foreign Affairs (PISM). He is also a College of Europe in Natolin alumnus of the Hannah Arendt Promotion (2019/2020) and holds various degrees at the London School of Economics, Warsaw School of Economics, University of Wrocław and the Jagiellonian University. His main areas of research are political construction of artificial intelligence, surveillance capitalism and digital colonialism.

About the session:

The session was divided into two parts. The first part focused on data science by examining types of data and how data enabled the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Students were faced with thought-provoking questions such as "Is data really the new oil?" or "Could the use of social media be considered work?" and deepened the question of Digital Sovereignty, Surveillance Capitalism and Digital Taylorism.

The second part was more practical as participants were introduced with designing tools to evaluate public policy and conducting social science research and were provided with recommendations of relevant books, courses and websites for each topics covered to enable efficient learning on their own.

We thank our guest Mr SZYDŁOWSKI and we look forward to the next Capacity Building Session organised by our Careers and Professional Development Office.