La Regionisto is looking for new contributors

Established in May 2020, La Regionisto is an association and media created by students of the Hannah Arendt Promotion (Academic Year 2019/2020) of the College of Europe in Natolin, who shared the same observation: the common home in which Europeans live is still too unfamiliar to them, and their neighbours often unknown. They suggested an original perspective to analyse this question: territories represent a path we can take to better discover this common house.

In January 2021, La Regionisto launched its website, on which you can already find articles written by young people from Europe and beyond who wanted to share their local identity.

La Regionisto is currently looking for new contributors.

Any topic theme – economics, politics, sociology, history, culture, linguistics, geopolitics, energy, environment – is accepted, as long as it is linked to one or more territories. Furthermore, authors can decide to write their articles in the language (even regional) they prefer. The only request is to provide a translation into English or French.

Should you be interested in contributing with an article, or should you wish to receive more information about this Natolin-born project, we encourage you to contact La Regionisto via their email address: You can also consult their website and social media accounts (LinkedInTwitterInstagram, Facebook and YouTube).