La Voix du Collège – n° 1 of the 2016-2017 promotion

La Voix du Collège is the College of Europe student newspaper that was created by alumnus Nathan de ARRIBA-SELLIER in September 2015. Thanks to his motivation and drive and the help of numerous fellow students the newspaper has gained quite some renown for its inspiring and controversial articles, as well as interviews with high-level guest speakers and alumni. On various occasions even Politico mentioned La Voix du Collège amongst their headlines.

And now for the second year, Mrs Beata THOR, has taken over the reigns. After some intensive fundraising and with the help of a team of fellow students, they published their first edition of La Voix du Collège of the academic year 2016-2017

More information about La Voix du Collège of the Keynes Promotion 2016-2017: 

Idea and mission

Creation of a student newspaper (both online and printed). Its goal is to contribute to building a common conscience among students, beyond nationalities and backgrounds, and promoting cultural and scientific exchange and the life of the College. As we are no journalists and do not have the time to cross the world to report news, such newspaper would above all consist of a forum, contributing to this common European spirit that is a specificity of the College. Moreover, it would include news of the College, analyses of different national news items by native students, interviews of European VIPs, etc. Finally, a good work organization distributing the different tasks among contributors would not impose an excessive burden upon the student team.

Team 2016-2017

General logistics: Beata THOR
Online coordinators: Beata THOR, Elise CUNY, Charly HUNTER
Social media manager: Jessica NÍ MHAININ
Fundraising manager: Lisa MAGNES, Nye WILLIAMS-RENOUF
Layout: Beata THOR, Hana HUDAK, Maria-Cristina STAVRIDOU, Nye WILLIAMS-RENOUF
Dossier editors: No set editorial team here, different for every issue. 
Politics editor: Paul BRANS, Elise CUNY, Cora HERWARTZ, Nye WILLIAMS-RENOUF
Business editor: Charly HUNTER, Julia SCHULTZ, Veronica MALKEVICH
College editor: Vincent DELHOLME, Alba BROJKA