Michaela ŠIMÁKOVÁ, new President of the Alumni Association

The College of Europe is pleased to announce the election of Mrs Michaela ŠIMAKOVA (Promotion 2014/2015 Falcone & Borsellino) as new President of the Alumni Association.

The College congratulates her and wishes her the best for this coming mandate.

Who am I?

  1. Alumna from the Falcone and Borsellino 2014-2015 promotion, former Student representative and Academic Assistant at the Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies;
  2. Previously coordinator of Alumni Association’s thematic group;
  3. Currently working at NATO HQ, Brussels.            

Objectives for my mandate (starting as of 1 July 2017):

  1. Advance the work done to build a strong, genuine and dynamic community of CoE alumni, across promotions, including through the events and activities organised by thematic and regional groups, mentoring programmes, anniversary dinners and other general formal and informal events.
  2. Strengthen the visibility of the alumni community as well as streamline internal and external communication, making the best use of our new website and new forms of communication.
  3. Foster close cooperation and solid relations with the College and its campuses in Bruges and Natolin, provide input to CoE activities that are vital for life after the College, supporting future alumni through exploring of existing and new means.
  4. Provide further impetus to career development of our alumni, outreach and cooperation with other relevant organisations, as coordinated and linked efforts with the previous objectives.
  5. Those overarching objectives and their sustainability are only achievable through an effective teamwork on topics we are passionate about and thanks to CoE alumni themselves – contributing through their membership fees, which would be a crucial message to communicate to the alumni.

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