The Natolin campus awaits you in September!

The College of Europe in Natolin has been taking all necessary measures to be ready to welcome in September the students of the academic year 2020/2021.

A permanent task force is in place monitoring the overall strategy and its implementation. Our paramount goal remains to deliver to our incoming students the unforgettable educational experience they signed up for, while at the same time meticulously complying with all sanitary and legal guidelines set by the public authorities. We want our student community to feel safe and well at Natolin so that they can focus on studying and taking advantage of the extraordinary campus life.

At this stage we are planning to organize all courses on campus with all of our outstanding professors, practitioners and experts physically present to deliver their courses. Parts of some courses will be delivered in an innovative way, blending different learning methods. A system based on multimedia desks and interactive white boards is to be installed in all classrooms on the campus.

Sitting places in all classrooms will be distanced according to applicable regulations. The same will apply to sitting places in the Natolin library. Air circulating in the classrooms will be filtered.

Language instruction in 8 languages in the form of regular classes and tutorials, as well as professional development activities and workshops, will be organized in both in-situ and online modes. Students will be able to access the physical collections (books, journals) of the Natolin library via a sign-up system, as a result of which the requested materials will be delivered to them. The reading rooms in the library will be open to all students.

Three meals per day, seven days a week will continue to be provided on the campus by our Natolin restaurant. The water supply to the campus will be filtered through an anti-contamination system. All student accommodation (residences, houses) will be regularly cleaned with professional antibacterial and antiviral cleaning products.

Our dedicated Natolin Team and our beautiful campus comprising 120 hectares of magnificent forest are waiting for you!


We remain at your disposal concerning any updates over the coming weeks. In case of questions feel free to contact us at: