Natolin campus researchers contribute to the new issue of the magazine "New Eastern Europe"

Researchers and faculty members of the Natolin campus of the College of Europe have contributed to the new issue of the magazine New Eastern Europe titled "The Art of Revolution".

This issue explores the phenomenon of revolutions which has played a key role in the region for centuries. It specifically looks at the question whether revolution in Ukraine has become a permanent feature of that country’s political culture since independence 25 years ago.

New Eastern Europe returns in this issue to the thesis that Dr Paweł KOWAL and Mr Maciej WAPIŃSKI put forward three years ago which adds the 1990 students' hunger strike to the sequence of revolutionary events in Ukraine. Consequently, the authors in "The Art of Revolution" map the country's post-Soviet transformation through the prism of revolutionary events.

The contributions by our researchers and faculty members include:

New Eastern Europe is the main media partner of the Three Revolutions Project (3R) – an interdisciplinary history project initiated and carried out by the European Civilization Chair at the Natolin campus of the College of Europe in cooperation with a number of academic partners.

The issue can be purchased here.