Online trainings on public speaking and argumentation for Natolin students

The current situation has moved all social interactions, conversations, presentations and debates to online platforms.  

Public speaking via videoconferencing during interviews, debates, meetings, and conferences can be yet more challenging, for it requires a slightly different set of skills and preparation due to limited non-verbal cues and interactions from listeners. That is why, in April and May, Natolin students had the occasion to participate in a series of group and individual training sessions on public speaking, argumentation, and debating skills tailored to both online and offline situations. 

One-on-one consultations 

During one-on-one sessions with a professional public speaking and debating coach, Natolin students were able to discuss their strengths and weaknesses with a professional public speaking and debating coach and work individually through mock debates, speeches (e.g. mock TEDx speech preparation and performances), interviews, as well as presentations – all followed by personalized feedback and exercises for further development. 

Introduction to argumentation and debating (18/04/2020) 

During an interactive workshop session on argumentation and debating, Natolin students learned about the newest techniques on: 

  • How to persuade the unpersuadables? 

  • How to build an effective argument? 

  • How to structure rebuttal? 

Public speaking essentials (19/04/2020) 

The workshops on public speaking essentials focused on 3 major areas: 

  • How to decrease speech anxiety and fight stress in speaking situations? 

  • How to structure speeches and presentations (e.g. in business, at a conference or TED talk)? 

  • How to address body language and style to make it matter? 

Best speeches analysis (14 and 19/04/2020) 

Learning from the best, including Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, and Bill Gates was an insightful workshop, during which Natolin students learned rhetoric techniques while also analysing low moments of famous speeches. 

Responding to tricks, criticism and challenges (26/04/2020) 

Following the workshop on argumentation and debating, Natolin students deepened their skills in responding to tricks, criticism and challenges: 

  • How to make quick decisions and think on your feet? 

  • How to respond to manipulative tactics? 

  • How to defend against challenges common in cross-examination, questions from audience, or interlocutors? 

All training sessions were conducted online by Mr Radosław CZEKAN, from the Warsaw Debate Chamber.