Photo competition #NatolinOnTour

Natolin First Semester Study Trips 2020 - #Natolinontour Winner PicturesDuring the Natolin First Semester Study Trips on 20-26 September 2020, Natolin students of the Mário Soares Promotion were encouraged to share their impressions and insights captured in pictures while travelling to four destinations in Borderlands, a journey that took them across the borders of Poland, and then to Lithuania, Germany and Czechia:

  • "Galicia – a laboratory of myths"
  • "Nysa: A new Borderland Between Germany, Czechia and Poland"
  • "The Many Silesias – Identities, Memories, Transitions"
  • "Coexistence in a multicultural mosaic of the Belarusian-Lithuanian-Polish borderlands in Suwalszczyzna and Podlasie"

After a lively debate and reviewing more than 100 (!) images, taking into account both the social media engagement and the artistic value of the pictures, the jury announced the winners. Have a look at the winning photos through our Flickr album.




The first prize went to Ms Marion TARDIF. The sceneries she grasped of the Suwalszczyzna and Podlasie regions are truly stunning. A special mention goes to the spectacular pictures of the sunrise and the Orthodox Monastery in Supraśl. Marion participated in the following study trip: "Coexistence in a multicultural mosaic of the Belarusian-Lithuanian-Polish borderlands in Suwalszczyzna and Podlasie". Congratulations, Marion!

The second prize went to Mr Burak FINDIKLI. Burak participated in the "Galicia – a laboratory of myths" study trip, embarking on a journey to this historical region and a shared territory of memory for Poles, Ukrainians, Austrians and Jews now separated by borders. Burak succeeded in highlighting meaningful details in his pictures and wonderfully balancing light, shadow and colors. Great job, Burak!
The third prize went to Ms Liza BEZVERSHENKO who participated in the "The Many Silesias – Identities, Memories, Transitions" study trip. The students in this trip had the opportunity to learn more about the Upper and Lower Silesia region and their transformations due to the heavy coal industry. They visited the magnificent city of Wrocław and got a taste of typical Silesian food. Liza's photos succeeded in capturing beautiful and interesting corners of Wrocław and stunning pictures of museum expositions. Bravo, Liza!

We believe that Europe must be learned and understood on the field. Our study trips are designed to provide students with information, encounters, lectures and other academic experiences that cannot be delivered on the campus. In this respect, they represent an irreplaceable added value to the academic programme.

To find out more about the essence of the unique study trips at the College of Europe in Natolin, watch the video below featuring testimonials from our students!