Preparatory Lectures of the Natolin Online Study Trips

The second semester online study trips of the College of Europe in Natolin take place between 27 April 2021 and 30 April 2021. Follow our students in their online study trips on our Facebook page and on our Twitter page, under the hashtag #NatolinOnlineStudyTrips.

Before embarking onto this academic journey, our Natolin students took part in several preparatory lectures with renowned academics and practitioners dedicated to the thematic areas of the upcoming online study trips. Their overview is available below.

(Re-)telling Western Balkans: Dealing with the Past and the Influence of Global Actors in the Region

On Wednesday, 14 April 2021, took place the first introductory lecture by H.E. Mr Miroslav LAJČÁK, European Union Special Representative for the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue and other Western Balkan regional issues. The event's title was "The Heritage of Dayton – Dysfunctional Implications of the Peace Agreement in the Constitutional Order of Bosnia and Herzegovina". The discussion was moderated by Ambassador Thomas MAYR-HARTING.

On Sunday, 18 April 2021, a second introductory lecture was given by Professor Mark A. LEWIS on "The Dissolution of Yugoslavia (1974-1999) and the Construction of the Past into Nationalist Myths".

European Security in Cha(lle)nging Times: The Wider Baltics in the Post-Crimea, Post-Brexit and Post-COVID-19 Security Constellations

On Friday, 16 April 2021, took place the first introductory lecture for the students who participate in the online study trip to the Wider Baltics. The introductory lecture addressed the topic of "The Baltic states and the strategic chessboard of Europe: Insights from the region’s past, present and future" and it was delivered by Mr Piotr SZYMAŃSKI, Senior Expert at the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW).

On Monday, 26 April 2021, a second introductory lecture was given by Mr Ian BOND, Director of Foreign Policy at the Centre for European Reform in London and former British Ambassador to Latvia (2005-2007) on "Thinking the unthinkable: Escalation scenarios and the defence of Baltics".

Ten Years after the Arab Uprisings: Geopolitics, Power and Order in the Middle East and North Africa

On Tuesday, 20 April 2021, took place the first introductory lecture of this online study trip. The lecturer was Mr Gilbert ACHCAR, Professor of Political Science at the SOAS University of London, who talked about "Politics in the Middle East and North Africa: The Arab Uprising – Triggers, Events and Lasting Effects". The meeting was followed by a Q&A session.

On Monday, 26 April 2021, our students attended a second introductory lecture by Professor Simone THOLENS, Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Cardiff University, who talked about "Europe’s Southern Borderlands: Contentious Borders and Boundaries in the Middle East and North Africa: Context and Concepts". The meeting was followed by a Q&A session.

Transforming Societies: Managing Digital and Climate Transitions in Europe and Beyond

On Monday, 26 April 2021, our students attended a preparatory lecture by Professor Jos DELBEKE. The title of the lecture was "Towards a Climate-Neutral Europe" and it revolved around the EU in the context of global energy policy, the European Green Deal, as well as the EU’s climate policy focusing on the ETS, renewable energy sources, and the Effort Sharing and targets for Member States.

Mr Jos DELBEKE is Professor at KU Leuven in Belgium and at School of Transnational Governance, EUI, where he was appointed also as the first European Investment Bank Chair on Climate Change Policy and International Carbon Markets. Mr DELBEKE is also the former Director-General of the European Commission's DG Climate Action. He was heavily involved in setting the EU’s climate and energy targets for 2020 and 2030, and was a key player in developing EU legislation on the Emissions Trading System, cars and fuels, air quality, emissions from big industrial installations and chemicals.