Professor Georges MINK published an article in the French newspaper Libération concerning the events in Ukraine

Professor Georges MINK, Permanent Professor at the Natolin campus of the College of Europe and Emeritus Director of Research at the Institut des Sciences sociales du Politique au CNRS (Paris), has just published an article in the French daily newspaper Libération concerning the recent events in Ukraine.


Professor MINK argues for the necessity of determined EU action and action from European civil society to stop the revolutionary and pro-European movement in Ukraine from being crushed in a bloodbath – an eventuality which, according to him, remains one of a number of probable outcomes of the situation in Kiev and in the rest of the country. He calls that democratic countries should join together, in the name of the founding values of the EU, in order to push President Viktor YANUKOVYCH and Russia to respect democratic rules of political action in this country.


The full article can be downloaded here.