Professor Massimo BORDIGNON appointed to the European Fiscal Board

We are pleased to announce that Professor Massimo BORDIGNON has been appointed as a member of the European Fiscal Board.

Professor BORDIGNON teaches the course on Public Policy Analysis in the framework of the European Public Policy Analysis (EPPA) option, organised jointly by the Department of European Economic Studies and the Department of European Political and Administrative Studies.  

The European Fiscal Board consists of a Chair and four Members. Following the Five Presidents' Report on completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union, the Commission decided last October to set up a European Fiscal Board as an independent advisory body on fiscal matters. The Board's role is to evaluate the implementation of EU fiscal rules, to advise the Commission on the fiscal stance appropriate for the euro area as a whole and to cooperate with Member States' national fiscal councils.

For more information on the Board, its structure and functions, see the full Press Release of the European Commission.