Recent publications

The academic staff of the College of Europe regularly writes, edits or contributes to academic research papers. These are included in our official publication series.

Please find the most recent ones below.

College of Europe series

EU-China Observer # 3.15

Bruges European Economic Policy paper no. 36 by Ms Ida-Maria Weirsøe FALLESEN, alumna of the College of Europe

BRIGG paper 2/2015 - The European Union’s Regionalism Diplomacy in Africa: An English School Approach

Bruges Political Research Paper no. 44 by Lorenzo DONATELLI

EU Diplomacy Paper 8/2015, "Taiwanese Lobbying in the European Union: ‘Workable Diplomacy’ and its Limitations" by Bertram LANG, Alumnus of the Falcone and Borsellino Promotion.

EU Diplomacy Paper 7/2015, "The European Union’s Response to Piracy: Are the Lessons Learned in the Horn of Africa a Model for the Gulf of Guinea?" by Enrico GÜNTER, Alumnus of the Falcone and Borsellino Promotion.

Bruges Political Research Paper no. 43 by Marta PABIAN

Case No. 2 in the Bruges Series on European Business Cases (BSEBC)

Bruges European Economic Research paper no. 35 by Academic Assistant Gibran WATFE

BRIGG paper 1/2015 - Paper Tiger or Game-Changer? Challenges of and Opportunities for EU Engagement with the Eurasian Economic Union

EU Diplomacy Paper 6/2015: A Differentiated, Balanced and Patient Approach to Conflict Resolution? The EU’s Involvement with Georgia’s Secessionist Conflicts beyond the August 2008 War

EU Diplomacy Paper 5/2015: Prospects for Security on the European Continent

EU Diplomacy Paper 4/2015: "Brussels and Reykjavík: Drifting Further Apart? Explaining the Icelandic Public Opposition towards EU Membership" by Tim GEMERS




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