Rector MOGHERINI meets with the Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute

On 14 January 2021, Rector MOGHERINI had a meeting with Dr Lililana TUROIU, Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute (RCI), to discuss possible ways of cooperation in the field of scholarships and a prize for students, linked to academic work.  They also explored the co-organisation of cultural events, such as art exhibitions. The importance of cultural diplomacy was underlined and ways of promoting this concept amongst our student body was discussed.

"The partnership between the College of Europe and the Romanian Cultural Institute, initiated in 2014, was extended and consolidated in 2018 through a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two institutions. The document provided the framework for the organization of academic conferences, the promotion of language training and cultural diplomacy activities carried out through the RCI Brussels office among the College's students", said Dr Lililana TUROIU, Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute.

Following this excellent collaboration of the two institutions, Rector Federica MOGHERINI and Dr TUROIU, together with Mrs Angela O'Neill, Director of Communication and Director of Languages at the College, discussed the concrete possibilities of collaboration for 2021.

Dr TUROIU went on to say: "It is important to mention that the strong partnership established between the two institutions opens the possibility of collaboration of the Romanian university environment with one of the most prestigious educational institutions at European level and offered the possibility to organize a series of Romanian courses at the College of Europe in Bruges. Moreover, the collaboration can be extended in the field of organizing cultural events with the participation of Romanian creators, officials and academics."

The success of the Romanian exhibitions presented during Europalia Romania Festival can be extended through a series of cultural events organized within the College of Europe with the support of RCI Brussels.

For 2021, the Romanian Cultural Institute aims to initiate, together with the College of Europe, two scholarships to support academic research in the field of European public and cultural diplomacy.

In recent years, the RCI—through its representative office in Brussels—has organized Romanian language courses integrated into the educational policy of the Language Service. It is worth mentioning that, every year, College of Europe students have the opportunity to organize a week of events in order to promote their country of origin. During this week, conferences are taking place at which high-ranking personalities and diplomats, such as Heads of State or Government and European Commissioners, are invited as guest speakers. RCI Brussels, together with students from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, organized every year cultural events during the National Week at the College of Europe.