The third edition of the College of Europe – Arenberg European Prize was awarded to Dr Quincy CLOET

The College of Europe – Arenberg European Prize is funded jointly by the College of Europe and the Arenberg Foundation. The Prize, worth 5000 euros, is awarded for an outstanding postgraduate contribution in history, the humanities or the social sciences, which, using historical and/or comparative analysis, explores the principles and workings of unions, communities or federations, and applies them to questions of European integration. The fundamental problem posed by the Prize is: How do peoples and countries come together to form shared communities of citizens?

The Prize is hosted by the European Civilization Chair at Natolin, and judged by a distinguished international Jury of experts, chaired by the former Rector of the College of Europe, Professor Paul DEMARET.

The third edition of the College of Europe – Arenberg European Prize has been awarded to Dr Quincy CLOET for his article "Two sides to every story(teller): competition, continuity and change in narratives of European integration" (Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 25, 2017, 3, pp. 291-306). Dr CLOET is the first alumnus of the College of Europe to win the prize. He graduated at Natolin with the Václav Havel Promotion in the academic year 2012-2013. In 2013-2015, he was employed at the Natolin Campus as Research Assistant in the European Civilization Chair. He has just defended his PhD thesis on "Truth Seekers or Power Brokers: The League of Nations and its Commissions of Inquiry" at the University of Aberystwyth.

The runner-up was Mr Maciej NOWICKI, for his Master’s thesis at the College of Europe in Natolin "Between Regional Autonomy and International Rule. The Case of Interwar Upper Silesia". Mr NOWICKI is an alumnus of the John Maynard Keynes Promotion of 2016-2017. He is the second alumnus of the College of Europe to be distinguished by the Jury as runner-up.

A public award ceremony will be held towards the end of 2019, at a time and venue to be confirmed.