The third edition of the Journalistic Craft for Neighbourhood in-person workshops has come to an end

The second phase of the EU-funded project Developing knowledge-based European journalism relating to Europe’s neighbours, through educational activities delivered by the Natolin Campus of the College of Europe ("JCN project") has been completed.

Three editions of the JCN project trainings have officially come to an end. 150 journalists, editors, media professionals (current and prospective), and other experts from all over the European Union and countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy were selected to take part in the trainings.

All three rounds of trainings included both on-site workshops at the College of Europe in Natolin and a study trip. During the workshops, participants had the opportunity to meet and learn from a broad range of experts; the topics covered included investigative journalism, disinformation in the media, multimedia journalism, monetisation and sustainability of the media, value-based reporting, media development and editorial freedom, and inter-cultural dialogue. The workshops combined practical exercises with presentations, discussions and expert meetings.

Following the workshops, participants split into two groups. Participants from the EU met journalists and other media professionals and experts in Tbilisi, while those from the ENP countries toured media institutions and learned about data storytelling in Berlin.

The three on-site rounds may have come to an end, but the project still continues. All who took part in the sessions are eligible to join follow-up activities, notably the JCN journalistic competition. For more information, please see the project website: or contact the project team at [at]

The third edition of the Journalistic Craft for Neighbourhood: 25-27.11.2019