Upcoming events in the European Economic Studies Department



January & February 2017: Annual Debates on Current Economic Issues
At the beginning of the second semester, the Department of European Economic Studies organises a series of debates on current economic issues. The debates take place between teams of students enrolled in the European Economic Studies programme. The teams debate on the economic challenges facing Europe and reflect on significant policy questions. Students improve their presentation and debating skills and deepen their knowledge of the issues they contest. The teams are assessed by a panel of judges. A prize is awarded to the best team and their success is recognised in their final transcript. This year’s topics include the EU budget, trade policy, temporary exit mechanisms from the euro and Brexit. 

2 February 2017:  Second KEYNES Lecture Series by Professor David VINES, organised in collaboration with the Communications Office.
The Patron Lecture Series are guest lectures organised to familiarize the students with their promotion patron. The patron of this academic year is the Economist John Maynard KEYNES.

Therefore, the current series are organised in collaboration with the Department of European Economic Studies.

29 March 2017: Guest lecture on "The Outlook for Energy: a View to 2040" by Mr Nikolaas BAECKELMANS, Vice President EU Affairs, ExxonMobil. 
Presentation of the projections of ExxonMobil, the world’s largest petroleum company, on energy needs and energy capacity and output.

25 or 26 April 2017: Eighth Bruges European Business Conference on 'Brexit and Financial Markets'.
The European financial sector is in a state of flux. The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, creating uncertainty about market access, the evolution of EU financial regulation and possible policy fragmentation. The prospects of businesses across Europe will be affected by the forthcoming negotiations between the EU and the UK. The College of Europe (Bruges) and Deloitte will organise an one-day conference in April 2017, bringing together high-level policy makers, businesses leaders and eminent academics, to discuss developments in European financial markets in the period leading to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.
The Bruges European Business conferences are a joint initiative of the Department of European Economic Studies. and Deloitte, with the aim of exchanging ideas on public policy challenges and debate EU-related issues of importance for European business. They are organised in the framework of the Study Specialisation in European Economic Integration and Business.

8 to 10 May 2017:  The students from the European Economics Students Department participate in the annual study trip to Frankfurt and Luxembourg. 
In Frankfurt, students will visit the European Central Bank and meet with a group of alumni currently working there. In Luxembourg, the students will have the opportunity to learn about the work of the European Investment Bank and other institutions. You can find pictures of the previous study trips on our facebook page!

June 2017: In the final week of the academic year, students from the 'European Law and Economic Analysis' (ELEA) and 'European Public Policy Analysis' (EPPA) options organise their annual symposia.
These events aim to address the most topical issues in the respective fields. Previous topics included the Better Regulation strategy, competition in digital markets and the future of European energy markets. You can read about the past symposia on our website: ELEA Symposia, EPPA Symposia.