Workshops in cooperation with the European University Institute by Max Weber Fellows

On 6 and 7 April 2021, the European Civilization Chair kicked off their annual workshops delivered by Max Weber Fellows from the European University Institute (EUI). This time, we had the pleasure to welcome Dr Lillian FROST and Dr Donato DI CARLO to lead two workshops for Natolin history majors.

Dr Donato DI CARLO

Dr Donato DI CARLO held the workshop titled "The political economy of the state: historical and comparative perspectives on the European experience". He presented various approaches to the study of the state in political economy, outlining the ideological and methodological lenses through which we can study this important subject.

Students also presented their take on the various forms of state capitalism that have emerged in the Post-WWII period in Europe. The result was a fruitful discussion on policy, politics and societies.

Dr Lillian FROST

The next day, Dr Lillian FROST held the workshop titled "Politics of Arab States: Histories, Legacies, and Discontents Today". She gave an overview of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, breaking down some common assumptions about terminology and how we conceive this important area of the world.

Dr FROST also showed how Europe's involvement in the region after the First World War influenced state formation and current politics. This led to an engaging conversation about the lasting impacts of colonialism for MENA.