23 Sep 2008

Global Leadership Seminar: Climate Change

From 23/09 08:00 till 27/09 19:00

The College of Europe has participated in the "Global Leadership Seminar: Climate Change" from September 23 – 27 in Talloires / France.

The seminar assembled 35 students and assistants from Tafts University, St. Gallen University, Seoul University, Singapore University and the College of Europe as well as four professors from these institutions. Professor Raimund Bleischwitz from the College contributed a lecture on the economics of climate policy with a focus on the EU.

Academic assistants from both Bruges and Natolin campuses attended the seminar.

Bruges campus assistans: Adina Crisan, Pascal Fendrich, Sébastien Thomas, Jacobo Figus Diaz and Alessandro Maravalle.

Natolin campus assistans: Monika Turczer and Klaus Malacek.

See further information at Global Leadership Seminar 2008

The College of Europe would like to thank Professors J. Bourgeois, J. Pelkmans and C. Cosgrove for their contribution to this seminar in previous years.

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