Rector MOGHERINI participates in the Forum of Universities for the Future of Europe (26/01)

On Wednesday, 26 January 2022, Rector MOGHERINI gave an introductory keynote speech to start off the Forum of Universities for the Future of Europe's session 1 focusing on "Universities of Europe and power".

The forthcoming French Presidency of the EU Council organised the first Forum of Universities for the Future of Europe on 25-26 January at the Université Paris-Saclay in an online format.

This forum gathered Member states high level representatives and EC officials with European stakeholders in higher education and research, in order to reflect on the contribution of universities to the future of Europe along three axes: “Universities of Europe and power” (position of Europe in the world), “Universities of Europe and belonging” (construction of the European project), and “Universities of Europe and recovery” (economic development). The Forum expected to welcome online about 400 participants from all over Europe (European Commission, 27 Member States, 41 European university alliances, European networks and associations, economic, territorial and social partners, etc.).

This event is part of the ongoing work between the European Commission and the Member States to build a European strategy for universities, and was inspired by the first results of the 41 university alliances launched in 2018 under the Erasmus programme.

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