Research Activities

Working Paper Series

The Economics Department has two series of working papers and one series of business-oriented case studies.

Bruges European Economic Policy briefings (BEEP)

The "Bruges European Economic Policy Briefings" (BEEP briefings) are policy-oriented economic papers which deal with important European issues. They are emailed to a large number of EU-officials, mainly economists, as well as academic economists specialised in European integration.

Bruges European Economic Research Papers (BEER)

The "Bruges European Economic Research papers" (BEER papers) are research-oriented, are often much longer than the BEEP briefings and more technical in nature (e.g. econometric, modelling, simulation). The target group of the BEER papers are mainly professors and other academic economists interested in economic research on the EU.

Bruges Series on European Business Cases (BSEBC) 

The "Bruges Series on European Business Cases" (BSEBC) is a series of business-oriented case studies which analyze the two-way interaction between the European Union and business or non-profit enterprises in Europe. The BSEBC is meant to promote business education with a European dimension and is disseminated to a large number of EU-officials and scholars to encourage the use of case methods and discussions on key strategy and business issues for European businesses, management and EU public affairs.

CEPOB - College of Europe Policy Brief series

A College of Europe Policy Brief (CEPOB) is a short paper dealing with a topical policy challenge related to European Union affairs.



The College of Europe runs a book series entitled 'College of Europe Studies' in which all departments participate. The series publishes research carried out at the College of Europe. Focused on the European Union and the European integration process, this research may be specialised in the areas of political science, law or economics, but some of it is of an interdisciplinary nature.

  • Jacques PELKMANS, Dominik HANF & Michele CHANG (eds) "The EU Internal Market in Comparative Perspective, Economic, Political and Legal Analyses", College of Europe Studies, P.I.E. Peter Lang, 2008

Recent Publications 

College of Europe publications

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