ECO - General economics track

On successful completion of this track you will obtain the degree of Master of Science in European Economic Studies.

All courses combine economic analysis with empirical assessment and critical in-depth reviews of EU policies and, where relevant, of the European economy in general. The programme focuses on European economic policies, but several courses also examine extensively the implications for business strategy.

Compulsory courses

First semester
Second semester

Optional courses

Seminars (optional)

  • van de WERVE T. - Business Interest Representation in the EU (15h)
  • KAEDING M. - How to Make it Work ? Capacity for the Implementation of European Policies across Member State Public Administrations (8h)
  • DE ROCK B. - The Impact of Hand-to-Mouth Consumers on European Fiscal and Monetary Policy (8h)

Competition (optional)

  • Concours Autorité - Concours de l'Autorité de la concurrence (France) / Contest of the French Competition Authority 

  • Concours Solvay - Concours Solvay Business Game / Solvay Business Game Competition

European General Studies



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