VAN DER MAREL E. - EU and International Trade (30h)

The objective of the course is to use theoretical insights from traditional and modern trade theory to understand the consequences of trade integration in general and EU integration in particular. A large usage will be made of the gravity model, showing its foundations and estimation methods, to provide quantitative evidence of the progresses made by the European integration history, and recent relevant events such as Brexit. The last part will use the economic geography framework (which combines trade theory with various forms of factor mobility) to evaluate how EU integration affects spatial disparities.

  1. Modern approaches of traditional trade theories
  2. Trade with market power and firm heterogeneity
  3. The gravity equation
  4. EU integration: an assessment using gravity
  5. Economic Geography of the EU

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Academic year
2024 - 2025
Second semester
Course type
Compulsory courses
ECTS Points