EPPA - Public policy analysis track

Since the 2015-2016 academic year, the College of Europe in Bruges offers an option in European Public Policy Analysis, specializing in public policy design, implementation and assessment. This option is open to students of the European Economic Studies and European Political and Governance Studies Programmes.

Understanding public policies in the 21st century

The aim of public policies is to provide effective solutions to specific problems and to raise the welfare of society at an affordable cost. However, as society becomes more complex, the collection of relevant evidence becomes more arduous, the definition of efficient policies becomes more difficult, and the involvement of stakeholders requires more intricate processes.

Understanding how public policies are formulated correctly, implemented successfully and evaluated properly requires special skills.

The purpose of the EPPA programme is to develop those skills. Students will:

  • acquire technical knowledge: learn social science methodologies of policy analysis;
  • understand challenges: review and assimilate typical problems that policy-makers face in the use of statistical, scientific and economic evidence in the formulation and implementation of public policy;
  • appraise real cases: gain experience in assessing actual policies in their complex setting;
  • become aware of complexity: appreciate the variation of evidence, problems and processes across policy areas and sectors.

The EPPA programme focuses on selected EU policies and cases. Students learn about contemporary policy aims, processes and outcomes. They become familiar with policies which they are likely to encounter again as their careers progress.

Why choose EPPA?

In mixed economies, state intervention and regulation are pervasive. Economists involved in the design or enforcement of public policy need to take into account the impact of state intervention on markets and ensure its efficiency and effectiveness. Economists working within companies or other market operators need to determine how public policies and regulations affect their business and activities and identify the least costly means of compliance. Political advisers must be able to foresee, measure and evaluate the consequences of the regulatory initiatives that they promote or the programmes they implement.

The EPPA option prepares students for careers in ministries and public agencies, public affairs organisations, large corporations, consulting companies and research institutions.


Directors of the programme: Olivier COSTA (POL, currently on leave) and Beatrice DUMONT (ECO)
Academic Assistant: Uyanga LKHAGVAJAV (ECO), Íñigo MARTÍN MONTERRUBIO (POL)
Secretaries: Eva VANDE VOORDE (ECO) and Hilde BAEKE / Rina BALBAERT (POL)