89 Initiative

The 89 Initiative is a think-do tank founded in 2015 at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

89 Initiative runs 6 research programmes (Migration, Climate, Innovation, Regions, Civic Education, Democracy) led by academics and experts in London, Madrid, Maastricht, Warsaw, Aberdeen, Athens.

89 Belgium proposes to the CoE POL students in Bruges to work together with well-known academics to conduct a piece of policy research leading to a 5,000-8,000-word policy report with recommendations to the EU.

The participation in one of the research programmes entails:

  • To learn about conducting policy analysis.
  • To learn how to write policy proposals.
  • To publish your work and see it disseminated in various events.
  • To participate and organise conferences about a wide range of topics in European affairs, and to expand your network.
  • To take advantage of the new social media for policy professionals 89 Connect and other projects of the Initiative.

This experience would also encourage the development of a variety of soft and hard skills useful for the job market.

Contact person: Lorenzo Giuglietti