Scholarships - Tirana Campus

Thanks to our sponsors, nearly 100% of students admitted to our new campus in Tirana will benefit from a scholarship. Students applying to the Tirana programme will automatically be considered eligible for a scholarship. 

Selected candidates will be informed about the scholarship decisions as soon as possible after the selection interviews have taken place. 

Full scholarships for the new Tirana campus are worth 27 000€. They cover the annual tuition fee at the College of Europe, the necessary learning material, board and lodging (individual rooms with private bathrooms, three meals per day), preparatory courses and study trips. Most of the scholarships are expected to be full scholarships. 


  • Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is both helpful to prospective candidates and accurate at the time of its publication, it is possible that some information may be outdated or superseded before the start of the academic year 2024-2025. 

  • The College of Europe reserves the right not to distribute all scholarships.  

The following scholarships are available for the first academic year in the Tirana campus of the College of Europe: 

Scholarships are available for citizens of the following EU countries: 

🇦🇹 Austria 
🇧🇬 Bulgaria  
🇭🇷 Croatia 
🇨🇾 Cyprus 
🇨🇿 Czechia  
🇩🇰 Denmark 
🇫🇮 Finland 
🇫🇷 France 
🇩🇪 Germany 
🇭🇺 Hungary 
🇮🇪 Ireland 
🇮🇹 Italy 
🇱🇺 Luxembourg  
🇲🇹 Malta 
🇳🇱 Netherlands 
🇵🇹 Portugal 
🇸🇰 Slovakia 
🇸🇮 Slovenia 
🇪🇸 Spain 
🇸🇪 Sweden   

Scholarships are available for citizens of countries of the Western Balkans:  

🇦🇱 Albania  
🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina  
🇽🇰 Kosovo* 
🇲🇰 North Macedonia 
🇲🇪 Montenegro 
🇷🇸 Serbia 

Citizens from countries members of the Regional Cooperation Council not yet mentioned above will also be eligible for scholarships: 

🇬🇷 Greece 
🇲🇩 Moldova 
🇷🇴 Romania 
🇹🇷 Türkiye





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