MA in European Economic Studies (MEES)

CoE Student

Why choose European Economic Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges?

“College of Europe: Where you learn to apply economics to Europe”


The economics programme offers:

  • Incisive analysis of the important economic and business issues of Europe.
  • Wide range of courses taught by top academics.
  • Inside views on how Europe works from senior policy officials and business persons.
  • Workshops and seminars run by experienced practitioners.
  • Practical skill development, ranging from debating techniques to empirical statistical methods.
  • 80% of students find jobs in EU institutions, multinational companies or national governments.

You can choose any of the following:

Bilingual programme: English and French.

Diploma: Master of Arts in European Economic Studies.

Director of Studies, Chairholder of the Jan Tinbergen Chair for European Economics: Phedon NICOLAIDES

Professor: Eric DE SOUZA
Teaching assistants: Nadir PREZIOSI , David RINALDIRoxana SANDU 

Secretary: Jessie MOERMAN