Professor A. Inotai is Honorary Professor of the Department of European Political and Governance Studies, College of Europe since January 2023. He has taught at the College of Europe (Bruges and Natolin (Warsaw)) since 1993.

Director General of the Institute for World Economics, Budapest. Doctor of Economic Science (German Habilitation) on Host Country Behaviour towards Foreign Direct Investment (1991). Ph.D. on Andean Integration in 1977. Research Fellow (1967-1979), Senior Research Fellow (1977-1980), Head of Department (1981-1989), First Deputy Director (1987-1989) at the Institute for World Economics, Budapest.

Head of the Strategic Task Force on Integration into the European Union (1986-1988). Visiting Professor, San Marcos University, Lima, Peru (1972-1973). Trade Policy Division, The World Bank, Washington D.C. (1989-1991), Präsident of the Foundation on European Studies (Hungary, 1999--)

Member of numerous Hungarian and international organisations and editorial boards of professional journals.

Author of books and articles on regional integration, EC/EU relations, international direct capital flows, international competitiveness of the CMEA countries, the EC '92 Program and Eastern Europe, the European Union’s Eastern Enlargement. Most recent publication: The European Union and Southeastern Europe. Troubled Waters Ahead? Peter Lang Editors, Brussels. College of Europe Studies No. 7 (2007)

Main research areas: European Union and Central and Eastern Europe, candidate countries' preparation for membership, negotiations on accession, transformation economics, globalization and regional integration/cooperation, international direct capital flows, competitiveness of Central and Eastern Europe.

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