29 Jan 2021

16th Annual Conference of the GCLC: Ex post assessment of European competition enforcement (Day 1)

From 14:00 till 18:30

8000 Bruges


The Global Competition Law Centre is pleased to invite you to the 16th Annual Conference, entitled: "Ex post assessment of European competition enforcement: Did agency intervention restore competition in the market?".

The event will run online over three consecutive Fridays:
 29 January – 5 February12 February 2021

Ex post analysis of competition law decisions is becoming a topic of central importance. Competition policy's commitment to efficiency in decision-making, together with legitimate demands for accountability, has nurtured increased interest from agencies to learn from the past through retrospective case studies. Unfortunately, competition agencies often find it hard, in practice, to evaluate the benefits and costs of previous interventions in markets.

From a policy standpoint, retrospectives raise several hard questions: have past competition policy interventions or non-interventions delivered? Have competition remedies restored or safeguarded market competition? If decisional errors have been made, what can we learn from them? And more fundamentally, what are the costs of competition enforcement compared to the benefits it produces?

This year, the GCLC’s Annual Conference for 2021 will discuss the results of a research project that the GCLC ran in the past year on ex post assessment of competition enforcement in Europe. At this unprecedented event, economists, business scientists, legal practitioners, and enforcers will use the benefit of hindsight to review past competition cases. 

Speakers include: Pauline Affeldt, Christian Ahlborn, Nicholas Banasevic, Rainer Becker, Jean-François Bellis, Jan Blockx, Aleksandra Boutin, Xavier Boutin, Paolo Buccirossi, Dennis Carlton, Avantika Chowdhury, Adina Claici, Victoria Daskalova, Thomas Deisenhofer, Isabelle De Silva, Benoît Durand, Kirsten Edwards-Warren, Cani Fernández, John Fingleton, Sir Nicholas Forwood, Michal Gal, Angel Givaja Sanz, Antonio Gomes, Dan Gore, Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui, Alexander Italianer, Šarūnas Keserauskas, John Kirkwood, Lars Kjolbye, Assimakis Komninos, Margaret Kyle, Laura Lasio, Sir Philip Lowe, Scott McInnes, Damien Neven, Kristina Nordlander, Jorge Padilla, Alejandra Palacios, Nicolas Petit, René Plank, Pierre Régibeau, Ashwin van Rooijen, Claire Simpson, Jacques Steenbergen, Maurice de Valois Turk, Alicia Van Cauwelaert, Alen Veljan, Denis Waelbroeck



For more information, contact the GCLC at info.gclc@coleurope.eu.

Draft reports

Each research group has prepared a draft report with preliminary findings that will be discussed during the Conference.  Please do not cite without approval.

First Research Group - The Microsoft Cases (DRAFT)

Second Research Group - The Payment Card Cases (DRAFT)


Slides - General Report on Methodology - P. Buccirossi

Slides - First Research Group - The Microsoft Cases

Slides - First Research Group - A. Boutin

Slides - Second Research Group - The Payment Card Cases

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