27 May 2020

Webinar of the Energy Chair — "Energy security challenges in a decarbonized world"

From 13:00 till 14:15

On 27 May 2020, Mr Vaclav BARTUŠKA, Ambassador-at-Large for Energy Security of the Czech Republic, will give an after-lunch webinar for the IBERDROLA Manuel Marin Chair for European Energy Policy, entitled "Energy security challenges in a decarbonized world". Energy security is now — more than ever in a world getting to grips with COVID-19 — a cornerstone of the EU’s economy. The webinar will cover how decarbonization will affect energy security, as well as the recent impacts under circumstances where, for example, oil prices are half of what they were six years ago.

Mr BARTUŠKA, Visiting Professor at the Natolin Campus, works on a wide range of issues from oil and gas supplies to energy strategy. During the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine in January 2009, when the Czech Republic held the EU Presidency, he was involved in negotiations with Russian, Ukrainian, and EU leadership. In 2010, he was appointed by the Czech Government as the Commissioner for expansion at the Temelin nuclear power plant. Since 2003, he has taught modern history and security studies at New York University, Prague campus, and in 2017, he joined the Czech Technical University.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday 27 May from 13:00-14:15 via Webex. Registration is mandatory through the form below: participants will receive a link to access the WebEx meeting via e-mail on 22 May.

For more information please contact Thijs VANDENBUSSCHE.


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