Conference with Mrs Rita BORSELLINO

"Their ideas will walk on our legs"–Struggling against organized crime today

On Monday 30 March 2015, the College of Europe hosted a Conference in the framework of the “Falcone & Borsellino Series”.

This event dealt with the role of the institutions and civil society organizations in the fight against organized crime, in Italy and the rest of Europe.

College Students, as well as numerous Bruges citizens, had the great pleasure to welcome Mrs. Rita BORSELLINO, Paolo’s sister.

After Paolo was killed by the mafia in 1992, she started her activities at both NGO and political level, first in Sicily and then at the European Parliament (2004-2009). She sent a passionate and touching message with a double intent. On the one hand, a warning: mafia(s) are in fact changing their shape, penetrating into the economy, finance and even politics with disarming easiness. On the other hand, hope: the fight against mafias can indeed be effective if people manage to overcome their fear. Together, we are indeed stronger.

A wonderful example of this was brought by Ms. Marcella MILITELLO, representative of the Brussels presidium of “LIBERA. Associations, Names and Numbers Against Mafias”. Born in 1995, LIBERA is now composed by more than 1200 associations. At the local level, they spread the culture of lawfulness, promote justice and democratic values, notably in schools. Among their concrete achievements, the 1996 Italian law on the social use of the real estate confiscated to the mafia.

In the occasion of the 2015 elections, LIBERA Bruxelles launched the campaign 'COM.IT.ES Trasparente'. This was inspired by the 'Riparte il Futuro' one, put in place with the Abele group for the Italian parliamentary elections of February 2013. All candidates are encouraged to publish their CVs, declaring any conflict of interest and penal background. LIBERA also asked them to promote and support clean activities inside Italians public offices abroad.

The event, sponsored by the College of Europe, was organized in collaboration with the Italian Society.

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