Dr Giovanna Di MAURO published an article in the magazine "New Eastern Europe"

Dr Giovanna DI MAURO recently published an article titled Remembering Mark Verlan. The artist who bridged poetry and apocalyptic jest. The article, published in the magazine New Eastern Europe, focuses on the work of Moldovan artist Mark VERLAN, who passed away in December 2020.

Mark VERLAN’s artistic work approached the end of the Soviet Union and the transition period with humour and originality. His unusual art and intriguing personality made him a unique artist whose style cannot be found in any other movement and deserves to be known.

Through testimonies collected by the author and her personal encounter with the artist, the article examines VERLAN’s artworks which mock political leaders, such as president Vladimir PUTIN and the Bolshevik revolutionary Vladimir LENIN. At the same time, the article highlights the sensitivity and the admirable technique that the artist used in all his paintings.

Finally, the piece also interprets the apocalyptic views that VERLAN offered in his most recent paintings, in which the depicted subjects carry on with their daily activities in a world that does not exist anymore.

The article can be accessed here.