End of term Christmas joy at the Bruges campus

To celebrate the end of the first semester’s exam session and the beginning of a well-deserved winter break, the Student Affairs Office organized a Christmas Market for the students and host families at the beautiful Verversdijk campus.

It was a joyful event full of music, laughter and merry moments. The kitchen staff treated the Marin students to freshly made hamburgers, glühwein and other beverages. The Specque student team sold delicious pancakes, cupcakes and other deserts to raise money in order to be able to participate in the Specque competition of 2019. The charity team sold candles made by and for refugees and the student choir spoiled us with beautiful Christmas carols in different languages.

Thanks to the charity team 130€ was raised by selling candles. The Student Affairs Office and the College kitchen staff was happy to add another 500€ raised by selling food and drink cards to the host families and members of staff of the College of Europe. The full amount of 630€ will be handed over to Sister Monique of “Télévestiaire” to give some joy to the refugees and less fortunate people of Bruges during this festive season.

And last but not least three Santa’s surprised them all with a surprise act. There was the jolly kitchen staff Santa who entered the courtyard with a big bell and a bag full of candy followed by two Santa’s on horseback. Our host family father Mark WENTEIN, founder of Hippo Revue and owner of many horses, and our student Lena HORNKOHL both mounted beautiful horses dressed as Santa.

This was the perfect way to round off a first semester full of hard work, much excitement and the making of new international friends in the beautiful city of Bruges.

Christmas Market organised by Student Affairs 2018

Pictures taken by "Phothomas".