European Health Parliament

The European Health Parliament (EHP) is about connecting students from the College of Europe with young health professionals working in Brussels, in order to reshape the European health system. It is a partnership between an academic body, the College of Europe, and professional partners: EU 40, a network of young MEPs; Johnson & Johnson, a medical devices and pharmaceutical company; the European Patient Forum, a non-governmental organisation; Porter Novelli, a public relations company and Politico, a news agency.

The EHP brings together 60 young professionals/students from across Europe with a mix of diverse backgrounds (political studies, biomedical science, pharmacy, medicine, economics, international relations and others) and jobs (healthcare industry, students, European institutions, patient organization, civil society,…). With the aim of shaping the future of healthcare in Europe, participants are working together for 6 months and they are brainstorming as a Parliament across 5 committees to develop political solutions around specific topics including digital skills for the medical professionprevention & self-care, and antimicrobial resistance among others. 

During the project's lifespan, four plenary sessions are organized to pull in expert feedback from the EU policymaking circle. The objective is to meet with key stakeholders and share ideas with EU officials, Members of the European Parliament, NGOs, media and interested public, in order to deliver policy-oriented recommendations. 

Hereby an overview of this year's plenary sessions in which our students have already participated: