The Intensive Seminar had some work done!

As is custom every year, we adjust the programmes of the Intensive Seminar to incorporate the latest development in EU policies and to keep up with current events. However this year we believed the titles of the different programmes of the Intensive Seminar could use a bit of a face lift too!

Twenty-eight years of alumni serve as a testimony to the relevance of the programmes of the Intensive Seminar. Therefore the core-concepts and professional development goals remain the same, only some names changed (but we still smell just as sweet…)!

Full-immersion Programme

Our three-week Full-immersion Programme (formerly known as Classic Programme) is specifically designed for people who consider themselves novices to EU politics and policies or who need a thorough freshening up after being absent from the scene for quite a while. This three-week programme will allow participants to develop an exhaustive understanding of the functioning of the different EU institutions, the politics involved as well as the different internal and external policy areas of the European Union.

Advanced Programme

The title of our two-week Advanced Programme says it all; a programme developed for professionals who need less of an introduction to the EU’s institutional framework, but want a full analysis of the EU’s internal and external policies as well as develop their professional skills through practice-oriented workshops.

Booster Programme

Our Booster Programme (formerly known as Compact Programme) is developed for professionals who encounter the politics and policies of the European Union on a regular basis, but would like to have a more formal background and discussions both with academics and professionals at the top of their field regarding the main legislative priorities of the current Commission, the hot topics at the heart of European politics, and the projections for the following year.

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