New LSE Blog Post on the US Elections by Mr Jeffrey MICHELS and Dr Olivier LEWIS

The LSE's United States Centre published another blog post co-authored by two staff members of the College of Europe in Natolin, Mr Jeffrey MICHELS, Academic Assistant, and Dr Olivier LEWIS, Research Fellow. Writing for the centre’s blog USAPP, Mr MICHELS and Dr LEWIS argue that the 2020 United States elections showed that libertarians have a long way to go before they can become a national movement.

The blog post is part of the mini-series ‘What Happened?’, which explores aspects of US elections at the presidential, Senate, House of Representative and state levels, and also reflects on what the election results will mean for US politics moving forward. The USAPP is curated by Dr Rob LEDGER (Frankfurt Goethe University) and Dr Peter FINN (Kingston University). The USAPP aims to "increase the public understanding of social science in the context of American politics and policymaking".

Mr Jeffrey MICHELS, Academic Assistant
Dr Olivier LEWIS, Research Fellow