Recent academic activities of Dr Giovanna DI MAURO

The LSE's United States Centre has published a blog post authored by Dr Giovanna DI MAURO. Writing for the centre’s blog USAPP, Dr DI MAURO demonstrates how "The line between presidential politics and popular culture is becoming increasingly blurred".

This post is part of a series on the United States’ presidential primaries, called Primary Primers, curated by Dr Rob LEDGER (Frankfurt Goethe University) and Dr Peter FINN (Kingston University). The USAPP site as a whole aims to "increase the public understanding of social science in the context of American politics and policymaking".

Dr DI MAURO has also recently been a contributor to a news report made by Indus News on Popular Culture and Politics, and hosted by Ms Meshal MALIK. Indus News is the first international news channel in Pakistan. In this report, Dr DI MAURO discussed the influence of popular culture on political perceptions and voting behavior.