Three new issues of the College of Europe Policy Brief series (CEPOB)

In January 2016, three Policy Briefs have been published as part of the new College of Europe Policy Brief (CEPOB) series.

In CEPOB 1/2016 entitled "Back to the Future: The ‘New’ ENP towards the Southern Neighbourhood and the End of Ambition", Professor Tobias SCHUMACHER comments on the most recent review of the European Neighbourhood Policy, arguing that the objective of pleasing both EU member states and governmental partners in the EU’s neighbourhood meant ‘squaring the circle’ and, given the reform aversion of most Southern neighbourhood regimes, resulted in a major downgrading of the ENP’s future ambitions.

CEPOB 2/2016 looks at “The 2015 Paris Agreement: What It Means for the European Union’s Climate Policies”. Professor Simon SCHUNZ discusses the genesis and implications of the Paris Agreement adopted at the December 2015 Conference of the Parties, indicating how the EU can sustain the constructive role it played in Paris in order to ensure the environmentally effective implementation of this Agreement.

CEPOB 3/2016 asks “‘Trade for All’ – All for Trade? The EU’s New Strategy”. Professor Sieglinde GSTÖHL analyzes the EU’s road to the EU’s new and ‘all inclusive’ trade strategy and critically discusses its major novelties and implementation challenges.

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