Acquisitions of the Bruges Library

  • NATO and the Russian war in Ukraine : strategic integration and military interoperability

  • Battleground : ten conflicts that explain the new Middle East

  • Climate finance : taking a position on climate futures

  • Global politics

  • Who's afraid of the welfare state now?

  • The development of European competition policy : social democracy and regulation

  • Routledge handbook of NATO

  • Germany and China : How Entanglement Undermines Freedom, Prosperity and Security

  • The new spirit of Islamism : interactions between the AKP, Ennahda and the Muslim Brotherhood

  • Mapping the fault lines in Turkey-US relations : making the vulnerable partnership

  • The Legal Consistency of Technology Regulation in Europe

  • Admissibility of Evidence in EU Cross-Border Criminal Proceedings : Electronic Evidence, Efficiency and Fair Trial Rights

  • L'espace économique européen : recherche sur l'homogénéité au regard du droit de l'Union européenne

  • Public and private enforcement of EU competition law in the age of big data

  • Convincing political stakeholders : successful lobbying through process competence in the complex decision-making system of the European Union

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