European Documentation Centre

The European Documentation Centre network is set up by the European Commission in all EU countries except Luxembourg.
The purpose of this network is to serve the reference needs of researchers, students and citizens. EDCs offer online access to EU sources and provide access to a collection of printed publications. Staff help with enquiries ranging from straightforward document searches to in-depth research on European topics, whether online or in print.


Our EDC may be used by any member of the College, and by anyone requiring information about the European Union. 
Most publications held in the EDC are included in our online library catalogue.

They are shelved on open access, following the same classification scheme as the rest of the Library, and they have yellow labels.
Our EDC is housed at the end of the first floor of the Library building.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday: 09.00 - 17.00
  • The EDC is closed over Christmas and New Year and on public holidays, and is normally closed during the summer holiday period. By prior arrangement only, special arrangements can sometimes be made - depending upon staff availability - for scholars and researchers to have limited access to the EDC during the holiday period in July and August.


Mieke Lievens - T +32 50 477207 -

General News


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