In the past years, the GCLC has published several books:

  • Publication of the Proceedings of the 6th Annual Conference of the GCLC: Twenty years have gone by since the establishment of the General Court of the European Union (EU). Against the wealth of judgments that have been handed down in this time, this book provides a thorough analysis of the system of judicial review in competition law cases.

    The book compiles a series of studies and commentaries prepared by high-profile academics, judges, public officials, and practitioners for the Sixth Annual Conference of the Global Competition Law Centre (GCLC), a research center of the College of Europe. A broad range of issues relating to the European Courts’ case-law on the application of Articles 101 and 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union («TFEU»), the EU Merger Regulation («EUMR») and the State aid rules are examined. Topics covered include, in particular, the effectiveness of the EU judicial review system, procedural issues, standing, the Court’s unlimited jurisdiction vis-à-vis the imposition of fines, the protection of fundamental rights, challenges raised by expert economic evidence, and the pros and cons of specialist competition tribunals.

    The objective of the current volume of the GCLC Annual Conference Series is to provide further impetus to the lively debates currently taking place amongst academics, policy makers and practitioners on the role of the judicature in competition law cases. Besides the valuable information that it contains on past and current judicial practice of the EU Courts, this book also provides thoughts on the future of the EU competition judicature. Thus, it will be of primary interest to EU competition lawyers, to EU judges, and European Commission officials alike. 

    More information on the book, edited by Jacques DERENNE & Massimo MEROLA, is available on

  • Towards an optimal enforcement of competition rules in Europe: The purpose of the present book is to contribute in a timely manner to the Commission’s own assessment of possible needs for the reform of Regulation 1/2003. Taking stock of five years of experience under Regulation 1, this book examines the problems that arose from its implementation and formulates public policy recommendations, advocating for future reform in the field. 

    To this end, this book contains the reports prepared ahead of the 2009 Annual Conference of the Global Competition Law Centre (GCLC) on the review of Regulation 1. Those report, which were drafted by more than 60 lawyers from both private practice and academia, are followed by the comments of Commission officials.

    More information on the book, edited by Massimo MEROLA & Denis WAELBROECK, is available on

  • Economic Analysis of State Aid Rules - Contributions and Limits: The proceedings of the third annual conference of the GCLC have been published by Lexxion. The book, edited by J. Derenne and M. Merola is entitled “Economic Analysis of State Aid Rules - Contributions and Limits” and can be ordered by Amazon and

    "This book makes an important contribution to the growing corpus of State aid economics. In assessing a wide span of State aid issues, including frameworks and justifications for economic analysis in State aid, and the work and policies of the European Commission, it provides a firm foundation for the growth of the discipline of State aid economics, and offers valuable food for thought on State aid, for students, practitioners and policy makers alike." Neelie KROES, European Commissioner for Competition


  • Modernisation and Enlargement: This book comprises a set of papers that were prepared for and delivered at the Global Competition Law Centres Annual Conference Modernisation and Enlargement: Two Major Challenges for EC Competition Law. The book presents an analysis of the new Regulation 1/2003 on the implementation of the competition rules laid down in Article 81 and 82 of the Treaty. This new Regulation represents a cultural revolution for EC competition lawyers, who were accustomed to notifying agreements in order to obtain some legal certainty for their clients. Modernisation opens up a brand new world where corporations and their lawyers will be asked to self-assess the validity of their agreements under EC competition law. The book can be ordered by Intersentia.

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