Language Courses

Students participate in a compulsory language course throughout the academic year (55 h). These courses are offered exclusively at beginners’ level, with the exception of French, thus allowing students to add another language to their portfolio. See language requirements. Students may take either a French course, or, if a sufficient level of French has already been acquired, a beginners' course in Arabic, Chinese, German, Russian or Spanish. Since language classes will be kept small, the College cannot guarantee that students will always be offered their first choice of foreign language.

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The programme thus offers courses in the six official UN languages as well as the working languages of the European Commission. There are individual graduation requirements for each language (the graduation levels for the French language courses may be adapted each year in function of student's ability):

  • French I: B1
  • French II: B1+
  • French III: B2+
  • Spanish: A2
  • German: A1+
  • Arabic: equivalent to A1
  • Chinese: equivalent to A1
  • Russian: equivalent to A1

More information on these levels can be obtained from the Council of Europe website.

In addition, the Language Service organises voluntary language courses and workshops open to all College of Europe students.

For further information, please contact Ms Angela O'NEILL, Director of Communications and Languages, angela.oneill [at]

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