Compact Seminars

IRD studentsCompact Seminars are offered throughout the academic year. They constitute an ‘added value’ to the programme, allowing students to explore topics beyond the scope of the regular courses. Enrolment is voluntary, and these courses do not involve an examination and carry no ECTS.

  • BELLOSI S. - EU Public Diplomacy in an Increasingly Competitive World (8h)

  • COLLIER Z. - Political Thinking and Presenting Political Briefings (8h)

  • DE BAENST J. - Introduction au protocole : protocole diplomatique et européen (8h)

  • DELCOUR L. - L’Union européenne et son Partenariat oriental face à l’Union économique eurasiatique (8h)

  • HARDING G. - Working with EU Media (8h)

  • KOBIA R. - La diplomatie de l’Union européenne sur le terrain dans les régions en conflit (8h)

  • KURBALIJA J. - Digital Diplomacy : Social Media, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (8h)

  • LANNON E. - Les relations euro-arabes face à la nouvelle donne géopolitique (8h)

  • MAYR-HARTING Th. - Challenges Facing European Diplomats : Practical Insights (8h)

  • MUTAMBA A. - L’action extérieure de l’Union européenne : Lobbying et stratégies d’influence (8h)

  • TOCCI N. - Policy Advice in European Foreign Policy (8h)

  • TON R. - Leadership in Foreign Policy : Strategic Thinking and Policy Planning (8h)

  • WOLFF A.T. - Complex Security Governance in Europe (8h)