Compulsory Courses

First semester

  • CLAICI A. & KOVO D. - Economics of European Competition Policy (30h)
  • BELLEFLAMME P. & PETIT N. - Law & Economics of Multi-Sided Markets (30h)
  • NICOLAIDES Ph. - State Aid Control in the EU : Objectives, Methods, Effects (20 / 10h)
  • DUMONT B. - Economics of Innovation and IPRs (20h)
  • MEYRING B. - Law of Competition in the EU (20h)
  • DE ROCK B. - The Impact of Hand-to-Mouth Consumers on European Fiscal and Monetary Policy (8h) or
  • CLAEYS P. - Advanced Applied Econometrics (30h)

Second semester

General News


EU Diplomacy Paper 6/2021

The Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies has published a new EU Diplomacy Paper entitled "EU Climate Diplomacy: Projecting Green Global Leadership" written by Marc...