European History and Civilization

History seminar with Prof. BUTTERWICK-PAWLIKOWSKI (UK)

This major is intended to equip future leaders with an excellent understanding of European integration, while at the same time inspiring them to re-imagine ‘Europe’ and its future by studying Europe’s past – in depth and in breadth. It benefits from the full-time presence at the Natolin campus of the European Civilization Chair. Building on the first semester’s foundations, this major features courses on big themes such as democracy, totalitarianism, geopolitics and diplomacy, the making of the global economy and the fallout from European empires, as well as focused topics in the history of Central and Eastern Europe. Students are encouraged to cross disciplinary boundaries between history, economics, sociology, law, philosophy and memory.

The second semester study trip is an integral part of the academic programme, participation is obligatory and students are expected to attend all related conferences and activities. It counts for 2 ECTS. 

Compulsory core course

The core course characterizes the major and is compulsory.

Optional specialist courses

In addition to the compulsory core course, students must take five optional specialist courses. In this way, students can shape their chosen major according to their specific interests.

Students can also choose two optional specialist courses (maximum) from the lists of the other majors, limited to the courses marked with an asterisk (*).

Research colloquium

  • BUTTERWICK-PAWLIKOWSKI R. & MINK G. - History Research colloquium (0 ECTS)

Compact seminars

Students can also choose one compact seminar (maximum) from the lists of the other majors, limited to the seminars marked with an asterisk (*).


Simulation game

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